Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vessel Sinks

I love me a good vessel sink in a Powder Bath.
Vessel sinks sometimes aren't the most practical in baths that are used a lot for "getting ready". Example: Kids Baths and Master Baths.....they're fine, but I personally wouldn't do it.
In a Powder Bath though, they are PERFECT and beautiful and fun and impressive to your guests. Vessel sinks are fabulous for just washing your hands. Toothpaste and washing your face? Not so much.
{Onyx sink to the left can be found here. $79.99}

They make a beautiful statement in a Powder Bath that your guests will use. I would definitely make it the centerpiece of the bath.....with a beautiful light fixture of course. :)

{Glass sink to the left comes WITH the faucet! I love this sink. I wish it was around when I did my powder, I definitely would have purchased it. Find it here. It is $299.95 INCLUDING the faucet!!! This is a steal people! The faucet is awesome!}

Vessel sinks can be fairly inexpensive. has an awesome selection and today their lowest price vessel sink was only $43.99! That doesn't include the faucet, though you can find quite a few that do come with a faucet. All the sinks in this post are from

If you are going to get a stone (granite, marble, limestone, etc) countertop a vessel sink is generally less money than an undermount sink for the cut out. The fabricator just cuts out a small hole for the plumbing. Some vessel sinks sit down into the countertop and that may cost a bit more money, but will still usually be less than an undermount sink opening.

{This black glass sink can be found
here. This is a beautiful sink and it's only $67.49!}

This sink to the left is the sink that I bought for my Powder about a year ago. It's a really fun guests always love it! The faucet is really cool. My younger brother's hip 20-year-old friend loves it and always runs into the house when they bring someone new over so that he can show the new guest the faucet. It's too funny to see thing young hip guy totally geek out about it!

Click here for this sink.

Sidenote: I definitely recommend using an undermount sink in a bath that is used a lot (Kids Baths, Master Baths). They make cleaning a breeze!

I love this Sandstone sink. Oh do I love it. I am sure ever sink will be different due to them being natural stone. This is one of the reasons why it is so great....your sink will be one of a kind!

{Find it here. $348.99}

These last two sinks are white ceramic. I love the simplicity and clean look of white ceramic sinks. I also think they are incredibly timeless. I love the square shape of this sink. Find it here. It's only $209.95 INCLUDING the faucet! I love it when it includes the faucet because you know it will work with the sink!

Last but not least is this oval ceramic sink. Found here. The sink is really great, but that Bamboo Faucet is to die for! Love it. I also love the fact that it is only $249.95 for both the sink and the faucet!

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