Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm looking for a vintage globe...

I have been looking for a vintage globe for awhile now. I'd prefer it to be from the 50's, but I am open to any time....I just want it to look cool.

I have found so many I love on etsy, but to be honest, they are always more money than I am looking to spend. So I'd like to find one locally if possible.
After I finally find and purchase my vintage globe I will be looking for a new (current/ up-to-date) globe.
I actually saw some really cool new ones at Home Goods not too long ago. They were probably made in China though, so I'll have to keep looking.

Here are some fun vintage ones I found on etsy today.
Seller: sweetshorn
I really like this one above. I think it's my favorite of the day.
Seller: Hindsvik
Seller: vintagebutterfly94
I want mine to be blue, but if I didn't, this one above would be super cool.
Seller: jwhite2
Okay, maybe this one is my favorite for today....or maybe they are tied. I really like the base on this one. And it's from the 50's. So, maybe this is my fav. Too bad it's 75 bones!
Seller: thriftstore
Seller: thriftstore


  1. They are all so great! I have quite the globe collection and yet I find myself wanting to buy all of these two!
    My vote is for the 50's one that you like...the base is so rad.

  2. I vote for that one too!