Saturday, November 28, 2009

Goodbye Detergent!

I'd like to give one of these scrubs a try.

Here's an explanation of what they are from their website....
"Goodbye detergent! is a brand new line of environmentally friendly scrubs for your home, made with unique materials such as recycled corn cobs, peach pits, & walnut shells.
These reusable scrubs have natural abrasives that make it easier to clean with no detergents.
All of the scrubs and cleaning pads are made with natural abrasives and they come in 100% recycled packaging.
Just Say No to Soap! We mean it when we say, “Goodbye detergent!”
Our scrubs reduce the need for detergents and soaps which contain toxins and chemicals that are bad for the environment."

And when I checked out where I could buy them I found that they carry them at my preferred local grocery store! Next shopping trip I'm definitely picking one up!

Or you can find them at

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  1. I have the peach pit one and I LOVE it!