Friday, November 27, 2009

Pillow Decor

I'm not a fan of Black Friday. While in college I worked at a toy store during the holiday season one year. Calling Black Friday a nightmare is beyond an understatement.
So, in other news....
Today I continued on my never-ending hunt for the perfect duvet cover. I was completely sidetracked though while on Bliss Living Home's website.
They have the loveliest decorative pillows.
Here are some of my favorites...


  1. Wow, they are all so cute! I especially love the second one. It would go perfectly in my new bedroom. ;)
    Have you seen the Vera Wang pillows at Kohl's? The second to the last one reminds me a lot of them, they are really pretty....I think you would like them.
    Thanks for sharing! As always, I love finding new, fun stuff on your blog.

  2. Hi Kate,
    I HAVE seen those Vera Wang pillows at Kohl's and I DID love them!
    I actually almost bought that whole grey bedding set, but the fabric just wasn't right for someone with dogs.