Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The wrapping of gifts....

I really love a beautifully wrapped gift. I think it shows effort and thought.
It's one of my personal goals to always wrap any gift that I give & try to make it lovely.
Every year for Christmas I chose a theme if you will. Basically I just wrap all the gifts alike or similarly.
Last year I used a beautiful chocolate brown and light blue wrapping paper with a lovely silk brown ribbon. I have pictures on my under the weather laptop. I will share them some other time. All the gifts looked beautiful last year, but I have to admit...the wrapping paper and ribbon cost me a near fortune.

This year I made a goal not to purchase any wrapping paper, ribbon or tags. I have such a huge stash of craft supplies that it's really silly to buy more (even though I totally wanted to).
I had a roll of kraft paper, so I decided to use that. I was going to just use ribbon from my stash, but while watching Elf one night I started making pom poms out of some yarn I had. The intention wasn't to use them for Christmas wrapping, but that's what it became.
I also had some precut white tags in my stash. I used a silver Sharpie to write on them & it looked better than any stick-on gift tag.
I think the wrapping turned out rather nice and it was a lot of fun. All my friends & family really liked it. I think because it was different than the usual commercial wrapping paper and cheap stick-on bows that it seemed extra special.
Plus, my mom likes to make stocking hats, so she saved hers to use for the hats!

My husband (who usually could care less about the wrapping of gifts) actually really liked it this year too! I had a bunch of the white pom poms hanging from a hook in my office and one day he walked in and said "Who's dog did you kill?" Funny, funny. When I told him they were the bows for my Christmas gifts he scrunched his nose and without saying it made it known he thought this was a bad idea.
BUT when the gifts were all wrapped up he mentioned several times how much he liked them this year!
It's so nice to be right. ;)

P.S. You probably all made pom poms as children, I did. If not, they are super easy! There is a great tutorial on Domestifluff's blog.


  1. Keee-ute! Seriously what a great idea! I'm going to use it for birthday gifts this year. Thanks!!!!

  2. OMG! What a wonderful idea on how to use pom poms. I love pom poms!!!!
    These are so cute.