Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Modern Wallpaper

I have always HATED wallpaper. Absolutely HATED it.
Growing up my mom literally wallpapered EVERY room in her house! E V E R Y R O O M!
My parents built their house in the 80's. Wallpaper was very in (or at least my mom believed it was).
So she originally did grey and mauve wallpaper everywhere. (Sidenote: We couldn't call it pink, we had to call it mauve, was that classier???) I believe in the kitchen there were geese on the border. My bedroom had mint green and pink ballerina bears. It was textured...fancy. The boys rooms were all sport ball themed. Man, we were stylin'!
It was probably the mid-90's the first time that she decided to tear down the wallpaper in the entire house. It was a pain in the ass to say the least.
You would think that after all the work and mess of tearing the old wallpaper down she would never wallpaper again, right?
New forest green and burgundy wallpaper replaced all the grey and mauve. This time I was old enough to not only help tear off the old wallpaper, but help put up the new as well.
It sucked.
Cut to early 2000's and of course....she's at it again.
Thank the good lord though, we were able to talk her out of replacing the wallpaper with wallpaper. Instead she painted. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Well......she did put up a border in the kitchen and powder bath, but you can't expect total transformation right?
This is a long story to say that I just despise wallpaper.
I really like all the great new modern versions out there these days.
Here are a few I was checking out today...

I like this Graham & Brown- Rosewood Wallpaper from 2modern. It's trendy, but super fun!
I also really like the clock in this photo.
I think this Branch Wallpaper from ScandanavianDesignCenter is my favorite of the day. Just one wall in a Master Bedroom would be so pretty.
The Seesaw Wallpaper from Design Public is very interesting. I like the texture and I think it looks great in the photo, but it kind of reminds me of mini blinds.

As a quick aside...I have a friend who is an extremely talented and experienced interior designer. She has designed some of the best homes in the Salt Lake area. She is about my mom's age and also built her home in the 80's, recently she remodeled one of her bathrooms due to a mold problem. I say due to a mold problem because if she didn't the have mold she would never had needed to re-do that bathroom. It was still beautiful and timeless. It had three walls of beautiful Ralph Lauren wallpaper that looked just as in style today as it did when she bought it in the 1980's. Her tile, cabinet and countertop all still looked great. I mention this because we all get so caught up in trends. I think trends are great...in moderation. We shouldn't have to completely remodel and/or redecorate our homes every 10 years. Keep them simple, classic and what you love. Keep doing small updates on the moderated trendy stuff and you won't have to spend a lot of time and money re-doing it all every few years.


  1. I know, I hate wallpaper too! But this wallpaper is so pretty. I really like the branchy one. I just dread tearing it down in a few years.....

  2. So wallpaper is back? I love these. I had no idea! Thanks for sharing.