Thursday, December 3, 2009

Starting to think about Christmas....

It seems that I'm a bit behind.
I swear 90% of my friends & family had their Christmas decorations up way before Thanksgiving.
I am just barely starting to think about Christmas.....let alone decorate and shop for it!
During my thinking-about-Christmas time today I found lots of cute stuff on etsy.
I'll just share a few....

I love this original encaustic painting from susannajarian's shop. It's called Reflection.

I think these stockings from rikrak's shop are soooo cute! Plus they are made with ecospun felt, which makes them even better!

Last but not least, I'm loving the colors of this cute wreath from OchristmasTree's shop.


  1. Those stockings are super. I think I'm going to try to make them myself! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm loving your blog. :)

  2. That painting is beautiful! I think it would be great all year long.

  3. Thanks for the fun links.

  4. Great inspiration, I am going to try to make those stockings.
    I found your blog via Jen's and I LOVE it. Thanks for all the fun stuff.