Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Umm, hello....have you seen this?

Okay, I just saw this today in my December issue of Real Simple magazine.
The Zoku Quick Pop Maker from Williams Sonoma. How freaking cool is it? You can make popsicles in less than seven minutes!

Does anyone remember the Carmel Apple popsicles? I think Blue Bunny used to make them, but don't quote me on that. My best friend and I were insanely obsessed with them in High School and College. In fact, not too long ago I was looking at some old college photos and I swear in almost every photo she and I had a Carmel Apple Popsicle in our hand. Anyway, they don't make them anymore (I emailed the company a few years back and asked). I'm totally going to buy this Zoku Quick Pop Maker and figure out how to make Carmel Apple Popsicles.
It's sad that I am so excited about this.


  1. That looks awesome!
    I wish I'd seen it before would have been on my list! :]

  2. Whaaaa???
    So cool!
    Instant popsicles when the craving arises. Love it.

  3. My mom has this, it seriously is awesome!