Monday, December 14, 2009

Best Christmas song ever...AND one of my many embarrassing stories.

Well, maybe not EVER.
But it's a good one.

I had never seen the music video before.
It's great.

So the story goes...
This song came out in '93, I was 13.
For Christmas that year Santa brought me a Karaoke Machine and the Hey Santa! cassette tape by Carnie & Wendy Wilson. I was BEYOND excited, it was JUST what I had wanted & asked for!
Later that day I took my karaoke machine and tape into another room so that I could sing alone.
I was belting out Hey Santa into my microphone. I mean I was really getting into it.
Keep in mind I was an awkward preteen.
So ya, I'm singing Hey Santa at the top of my lungs INTO A MICROPHONE.
When, in walks my aunt. She's not too much older than me....maybe seven years older. I always thought she was sooo cool and I really valued her opinion.
Anyway, she sort of laughed at me and asked if I liked that song.
I (trying to be cool) said "It's okay".

I was mortified.

I turned off my tape and made sure my door was locked the next time I pulled out my karaoke machine.


  1. LMAO. That's so funny! I love that song too. :)

  2. omg, i loved this song! i had never seen the video. it's so cool.