Tuesday, May 11, 2010

That's what Ellen said

Last night I was reading the Katie Couric's interview with Ellen DeGeneres in Glamour.
I loved Ellen's answer to this question...

Katie Couric: Do you find it disconcerting that there seems to be so much vitriol in society today?
Ellen DeGeneres: I try not to take it in. Let's take an example: someone who's antigay, who despises who I am. If I hate that person, I'm the same as them. Some people are closed and angry. If I can help shift that by just being who I am, great-and if not, that's not my job.

I've recently had a couple of mild attacks against my politics and my religious views. Sometimes it hurts, but I need to remember not to hate, because I do NOT want to be the same as the person who hurt me.
Thanks for the reminder Ellen! :)

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