Sunday, April 18, 2010

Karastan Studio-Artworks Collection

Have I ever mentioned that I work part time in a rug store?
Well, I do.
Anyway, my personal favorite line of rugs is the Karastan Studio-Artworks Collection. I am so smitten by this line. When I have a customer come in and buy one of these rugs I get more excited than I should. I want to give them a big hug and congratulate them on having great taste. Don't worry...I hold back. :)

Here are some photos of my two favorite rugs in this collection....
My favorite rugs are the Plum Blossom. Above is Plum Blossom in Mocha, the photo below is just called Plum Blossom. This rug also comes in Maize.

The Zen Garden rug below is my second favorite in the collection. The second photo shows it in a room setting.

Check out Karastan's website to see all the beautiful rugs in this collection.


  1. These rugs are sooo pretty! I bet they are expensive. It's probably one of those "You get what you pay for" things. Right?

  2. Surprisingly, they're great budget-friendly Karastan looks. Still New Zealand wool, hand-tufted with amazing style. - Miss H

  3. Love Karastan....have ooodles of them (well, 6) and they are worth every your blog. Just started blogging myself...I'll have to follow you and check out your links.