Monday, March 15, 2010

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add warmth & a bit of the outdoors to your decor. I strongly recommend using a live plant in every room of your home.

Sidenote: Please, for the love of god, do NOT use silk plants! They are ugly & they just collect dust. It's 2010.... not 1985. It's time to throw them out!

Anyway, real plants are awesome not only for their looks, but they all absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. A new study from the University of Georgia shows they also filter out harmful indoor volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
VOCs are emitted by cleaners, paints, adhesives, air fresheners, furniture & more. (Of course if you buy the low VOC products it helps)!

VOC's can cause headaches, respiratory problems, nervous system problems, cancer & many other health problems.

The study showed the best indoor plants to help with VOCs are...English Ivy, Purple Waffle, Wax & Purple Heart varieties.

Photo from The Bloomin' Idiot.

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