Friday, March 19, 2010

great advice

Although Ballard Designs isn't my typical style, I really love this company and their catalog that I receive in the mail and instantly devour.

In their newest catalog they featured an interview that House Beautiful did with Suzanne Kasler. Suzanne is an amazing Interior Designer in Georgia. She has an awesome book, Suzanne Kasler Inspired Interiors, & has her own home line. She is basically everywhere. She's awesome.

I'm veering off course though.
The very first question they asked in the interview was...

House Beautiful:
What advice would you give to someone who's thinking about redoing a room?

Her answer is my favorite answer. It's the answer I always give, and now that the infamous Suzanne Kasler is in print giving the same answer I feel justified.

Her answer....
"Be true to what you love. That's really the key to creating a space that feels personal. Buy things that you like, and don't worry about wheather or not they match. Matching is overrated."

House Beautiful:
But how do you know if it will all go together?

Suzanne Kasler:
"You don't. You may have to add or subtract once you get everything into the same room. But somehow, if these are all things you love, they will just naturally come together and complete a certain feeling. And that will express you and your style."

Perfect. Answer.

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