Sunday, January 17, 2010

The lazy ass way to hang a picture...

Recently I was hanging some pictures in my house. It was late and I was soooo tired. I was almost done, I had two pictures left to hang.
I measured the first one out & hung it & then I was REALLY tired and didn't want to measure the second one. I was sick of it!
This is when I had an Aha Moment (as Oprah would say). I had seen plumbers paint the back of plumbing parts and then put them to the wall. The paint would then be on the wall and the plumber would know where it needed to go. I decided to use the same idea for my picture....but I couldn't use paint, I wanted something that would come off the wall after I put the nail in.
I thought & thought and came up with peanut butter. I thought I was a real genius. The only problem? Our peanut butter was extra crunchy, not going to work.
I started looking through our pantry and realized Nutella would be perfect! I felt like a genius again.
Here's the Nutella...

Next I just painted the Nutella onto the claw thing on the back of the picture frame. I kind of globbed it on so that I was sure it would transfer onto the wall.

I then placed the picture on the wall where I wanted it to go. I wanted the bottom of each picture to be even with each other. Anyway, when I pulled the picture away from the wall you could see the Nutella marks in the perfect shape of the claw.

All I had to do was hammer the nail/hook thing exactly where I wanted it to hang relative to the claw.

The final product. It turned out perfectly!

The photo I took makes it look like it is a little off...but they were hung so the bottom of each picture was even and they were level. :)

I was thinking this may not work if the picture has a wire on the back, but I think other types of hooks and loops on the back of frames would work.


  1. You ARE a genius!!!
    No seriously, that's a great idea and I'm totally going to do it.

  2. I never thought of this. It's such a good idea.

  3. Way cool! Thanks for the tutorial~