Sunday, October 25, 2009

He knew I was a Virgo...

I have been dying to see David Sedaris perform.
The past two times that he has come to Salt Lake I have had every intention of going. Unfortunately for me, the tickets were sold out both times.

I LOVE Mr Sedaris. When telling others of my love for him I often say that I would like to just pick him up and carry him around in my pocket. This way he can hang out with me all day and tell me humorous things that make me laugh and be happy.

So this year I was on my computer the second that tickets went on sale. This was months ago. They were supposed to go on sale at 9 am, so I sat there ready to go at 8:50. They actually didn't go on sale until about 9:10, but not to worry, I waited and waited and I am going to go ahead and assume I was at least in the top 10 of the first people to buy tickets for his 2009 show.

The show took place last night. It honestly exceeded my expectations. Granted, I didn't really know what to expect. I have see some clips on You Tube of him reading and I saw him on Letterman a few years back, so I had a bit of an idea on how it would go, but it was honestly even better. I love that guy, I want to carry him around in my pocket.

I went with my aunt, my brother and his friend. We arrived rather early, but decided that was fine....we'd just hang out.

Emily (the aforementioned aunt) and I decided to use the restroom, when we walked out Sedaris was just sitting down five steps from where we were to start signing autographs. An unexpected surprise! Emily happened to bring my copy of 'When You are Engulfed in Flames' with her to the show. So we hurried into the line and were probably the fifth people in line. Two jerks butted in front of us, but we still ended up about seventh in line, and really, I can't complain about that.

When we got up to the table he was as nice as nice can be. He asked if we had met before (we haven't), and then he started drawing a turtle in my book. He said "Stephanie, I know you are a Virgo and Virgo's like turtles. So I am drawing you a turtle". He's right....I seriously AM a Virgo! I was amazed at his knowledge? Insight? Fortunate guess? and told him he was good. He said "Yes, I know a lot about you. I also know you aren't diabetic". Again, he was right! Too funny! It was cool to spend that bit of time talking to him.

The show was very impressive and incredibly funny. He mentioned that he does 33 shows in a row. I am amazed how he kept it so fresh and acted like he was enjoying himself. The audience was great as well....a good, responsive crowd.

If David Sedaris comes to a city near you, I definitely recommend you go!

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