Friday, June 26, 2009

Do NOT go to IKEA

*If you have never used a self check out before. If you are willing to try something new, please don't yell at the poor teenage employee because you can't read the instructions on the screen. Also, do not yell at said employee because it took YOU 10 minutes to check out.

*If you don't like modern or cheap or swedish design. Today I overheard THREE different groups of people discussing how ugly and/ or cheap everything was. What did you think you were getting into when you walked into the big blue box? Ethan Allen?

*If you are in a hurry. This place is huge. It takes time even if you are only grabbing one thing. Also, don't complain to me about how it took you 10 minutes just to get to the picture frames. I don't care.

*If you are on a diet and have a particular hankering for cinnamon rolls. I don't even like cinnamon rolls and I consider buying two dozen every time I am there. They smell so damn good.

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